An Exciting School Ski Trip to the USA

Thrills, skills and spills. These words are foremost in the mind when you think about a school ski trip! Students who have the privilege to take an excursion to the snow with a school group should seize this exciting experience with both hands.

While there are many wonderful resorts in Europe for students to discover and enjoy, the USA should also be considered as an option. The sheer number of resorts and snow towns throughout the USA means that students face the wonderful problem of having an overload of choices. Here are a few of the top reasons why the USA is such a draw card for winter sports enthusiasts.

The diversity of the powder

Firstly, few school ski trip destinations can compete with the USA for the sheer diversity of resorts and types of slopes on offer. Whether you choose Maine, Utah, Vermont or New Hampshire, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to the types of powder on offer. The many resorts have the technology and variations in altitude and climates to offer packed snow, soft snow, bright skies, heavy falls, snow trek fields, wooded mountains, sheer inclines, artificial snow and a multitude of advanced options in between.

The choice of slopes

This choice of snow is concomitant with a choice of slopes. Students on a school ski trip will have varying levels of ability, so the difference in the shape, incline, complexity and feel of the slopes is important as they will impact different riders in different ways according to their skill level. The brilliance of an excursion to the USA is that whether you choose Sugarloaf in Maine or Stowe in Vermont there are myriad high quality and technologically-enhanced slopes to choose from.

Go beyond skiing

A successful school ski trip needs to take students beyond simply shredding the powder to keep curious and easily distracted students interested. The USA boasts a thoroughly modern snow culture and has cultivated the art of providing an entire lifestyle on the slopes. Whether you choose the delights of Park City or Deer Valley in Utah, the lush thrills of Mammoth or the resorts in New Hampshire, you need to go far afield to find snowboarding, ice skating, ice hockey, sledding, hiking, and many other activities to keep students occupied and engaged.

The quality of the resorts

This high quality of options ultimately leads to the exceptional quality of the first class resorts that are on offer in the USA for a school ski trip. Students and teachers will be guaranteed a safe, well-facilitated stay in high-class accommodation, offering impeccable service.

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