Cash on Delivery and Delivery Forms


Cash on delivery and delivery forms, buy generic Viagra, sildenafil, in our online pharmacy is the easiest, most practical and economical way to put solution to your erection problems. It’s a simple and very fast process. Once you enter the virtual pharmacy and choose the product you want to buy, you must register by filling in your personal details and the address where you want to receive the package.

Below you will have a small questionnaire about your health. A doctor will review your answers and decide whether or not you can take the generic medication you have chosen. In the event that your health is jeopardized, you will receive an email cancelling the order and indicating the reason.

The registration process and the health questionnaire will only have to be filled out the first time you enter to buy in our online pharmacy. In later purchases the process will be much faster, as your data are registered on the Web.

Remember that it is your doctor who should prescribe viagra cialis or generic levitra to improve male sexual impotence.

Before you finish the purchase you must decide which shipping form you prefer. The options that are available at the moment are by ordinary mail, totally free, and with approximate delivery of one month, by EMS Mail, that costs 14 euros and takes about 15 days, having to sign to the delivery of the order, or either urgent service by courier , option more advisable, as they bring you personally the order to the address you indicate us in a delivery time of about 12 days with a cost of 29 euros. With regard to the packages, they are all totally discrete, without specifying their content or their place of origin.

Once the registration process is complete, you will be asked for your visa credit or debit card details. You should keep in mind that the payment method is like a cash on delivery, so we will not charge you anything until you receive the order, sign the receipt and confirm that everything is correct. We can also offer you the option of payment by bank deposit in advance, with an added cost of 15 euros. Request more information at [email protected]

Our payment system is totally secure, through a virtual TPV with HTTPS protocol and SSL security certificate, and the charge on your card appears under a name that does not think of a pharmacy or the purchase of generic Viagra, all to guarantee total Discretion.

buy generic viagra online is totally safe, all our generics are accompanied by a certificate of quality guarantee issued by pharmaceutical laboratories.

Remember that buying generic Viagra should produce the same effects as the original Pfizer, since its component, the Sildenafil, is the same.

buying viagra online will help you improve your erections and remedy the problems of male sexual impotence.

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