Escape from Iran with his mother and sister at the age of 10, he came to Australia in 1989 as a refugee, separate from his father who remained in a war-torn country. Arriving in Melbourne to start a new life, his family was taken to the Maribyrnong detention center which is now closed in Victoria where his journey in the new country began.

He did not speak English and cultural customs were foreign to him, but eventually Sam found Australia full of openness and diversity – and saw the opportunities that the country could provide. “I am blessed to be in an extraordinary country like Australia. People accept you and they are very multicultural. There are so many opportunities. It’s all about not giving up, “Sam told The CEO Magazine.

“I have gone through a lot of things and I have a lot of things that conflict with me, and I have to overcome them, from childhood to even today. It’s all about resilience, and remembering that life is all about travel and about not giving up, “he added.

“We all face our own challenges. It’s important that you never give up. “

“We all face our own challenges. It is important that you never give up. It’s about not giving up and setting goals for yourself in life, whatever they are, and encouraging yourself to achieve them. “

Sam went to Swinburne University to study computers but ended up with Centrelink payments, which was a turning point for him. His first job was working on computer support for dial-up internet companies, getting a minimum wage. To make ends meet, he bought a used router on eBay for $ 1,000 to start selling domain names.

That was the time when dial-up internet was the norm and broadband was not enough to take off. Sam saw a gap in the market when he realized that in addition to the main providers of Telstra and Optus, no one else provided the internet for the SME market in Australia.

It was his opportunity to start something new and that was the beginning of his success story. He founded IP start-up, Broadband Solutions, in 2005, asking for help from friends and former colleague, Brad Hughes. The couple built the company into a leading internet provider for schools, hospitals, hotels and small businesses throughout Australia, now also serving New Zealand and Asia.

While everything may now look sweet to the Founder Ferrari driver from a company that produces more than A $ 25 million a year, life still faces challenges.

World Sam turned upside down when he got a call from his sister one night to tell him that his three-year-old son had been diagnosed with leukemia. “To see it through the enormous challenges at a young age really opened my eyes to the battle that children face with cancer,” he said.

“Cancer does not discriminate. It can happen to anyone at any time.”

That’s why Sam took part in CEO Dare to Cure this year. “The passion that the Cancer Institute has for ending child cancer is clear, and it gives children and their families enormous hope,” he said. “That’s the cause that really makes me feel at home.”

This institution needs a lot of resources to fight cancer, he said. “It is very important that we give back and help the cause. Cancer does not discriminate. That can happen to anyone at any time. We must be able to find the resources we need to fight this disease. “

After going through remission, his nephew is now nine years old and is a healthy and happy child who happily fills his uncle – thanks to available cancer treatments. “Just seeing it playing and being normal like most other kids is really good,” he smiled.

For a man who has overcome many obstacles over the years – making him from refugees to entrepreneurs worth millions of dollars – the Ice Bath Challenge and Daring Delicacy are two enough courage to make him stretch.

“They both had a little test for me, both mentally and physically. I don’t have a strong stomach at all, I can’t resist many things I don’t like, and I hate cold water, “he laughed.

But like Sam’s attitude towards anything in life, he is willing to meet them directly. “I’m really looking forward to it and I will put myself there. I will try something I have never done before. I will try it,” he said. “It’s about putting yourself in a position I’ve never visited and done something uncomfortable.”

Sam says getting out of your comfort zone is part of overcoming the challenges faced in life and business. “If you grow up in your life or business, you don’t want to be in your comfort zone. People limit themselves,” he said.

“If you really want to grow as a person, it’s good to try different things, things that you don’t think you can achieve. If you direct your mind to anything, you can achieve anything.

“If you put your mind on something, you can achieve anything.”

“Time is a very valuable thing and we never get our time back; after missing, lost. It is very important for us to do our best in whatever we do. “

For someone who has gone through a difficult road, Sam is more focused on bringing conversations back to children who are struggling in one of the biggest battles in life. “Their toughness is no less amazing,” he said.

“I want to see more CEOs and business leaders involved in helping these children, by using their networks and influence to generate awareness, raise funds, and support meaningful goals.

“There is an opportunity to stay away from your desk everyday and take time to reflect and give back. We are so busy driving millions of miles per hour, and there are so many other important things that we don’t even think about. “

“I want to see more CEOs and business leaders involved in helping these children, by using their networks and influence to generate awareness, raise funds, and support meaningful goals.”

He did not limit how much he wanted to raise funds. “I want to increase as much as I can. I will do it by utilizing my network, utilizing social media and other platforms to get as much support as I can. “

Sam said this about giving back. “I really believe in giving back and it doesn’t have to be just money; it can go through many other ways. It’s about making a difference to someone’s life and that is the biggest, most important thing in the world for me.

“Giving back to someone and seeing them smile and grow, it’s the best gift you can give. It is important to give back and help each other. “

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