Holidays to Bali are usually only identical to the beach. Traveler friends want to find a new atmosphere? You can try climbing mount Batur. Moreover, the Island of the Gods has three locations that are already well-known among climbers, namely Gunung Agung, Batur, and Abang. To be more memorable, try chasing the sunrise at Mount Batur.

The first mountain is called quite recommended for sunrise panorama worshipers. Sunrise at Mount Batur is truly charming and invites admiration. Come on, see my experience climbing Batur below. It’s hard or easy?

Preparation Before Heading to the Peak
Before starting the journey to climb Mount Batur, of course Friend Traveler must prepare several things first. The more mature the preparation, it is expected that the obstacles that may arise during the climb can be minimized.

First, make sure Friends Travelers have excellent mental and stamina conditions. This is one of the most important preparations before climbing for the sunrise at Mount Batur. Do not climb in conditions of pain, fatigue, or others. This has the potential to make your climb stop in the middle of the road

When hunting sunrise on Mount Batur, don’t forget to wear a jacket. The temperature around the mountain is quite cold. You should wear warm clothes and thick material. Thus, the cold, piercing air would not interfere with Friend Traveler’s trip.

View of mount batur
Don’t forget to also use special shoes. Mount Batur has rocky and sandy terrain. It is recommended that Friend Travelers wear hiking or footwear shoes with rubber soles and the like. Choose shoes with thick material, so you can protect your feet from unwanted things.

Next, prepare food and beverage supplies. This is equally important. Make sure Friend Traveler brings enough drinking water so that you don’t breathe in the middle of the road. The trip to the top of Batur was quite draining.

However, if Friend Traveler runs out of supplies, don’t worry. Around the mountain there are many stalls. In the middle of the hiking trail you will also find food and beverage vendors. But it should be noted, the prices set here are more expensive than stalls at the foot of the mountain.

Finally, when hunting sunrise at Mount Batur, make sure not to forget to bring a camera and prepare all other equipment. The view from the top of Batur is very beautiful, too bad if not immortalized

Adventure Begins
Mount Batur is located in the Kintamani area, Bangli Regency. We started the journey from Nusa Dua and took about three hours. Climbing generally starts from climbing the Pasar Agung Temple. But beforehand Traveler Friends must register at the post and pay retribution fees.

When we arrived at the registration post, it was already 3:00 in the morning. We then decided to stop by the stalls around to warm ourselves while sipping a cup of kintamani coffee.

Starting point of climbing
Traveler friends can choose to hike on their own or be accompanied by a guide. Especially for foreign tourists, mandatory climbing is accompanied by a local guide. We then decided not to use the services of a guide.

At 4:00 a.m., we began the journey by following a group that would also climb Mount Batur. Climbing to the summit can be reached in about two hours.

The first 15 minutes, the road we traveled was still flat paved, followed by a slightly uphill lane. Half an hour passed, we began walking on the surrounding gravel field. Next, the journey to the top of the mountain must be reached by passing rocky terrain, slippery sand, and uphill.

The beauty of Sunrise at Mount Batur

We then decided to enjoy the sunrise at the mountain top post. The views are so beautiful. The sun seemed to slowly reveal its form from behind the horizon. Approximately one hour we just sat while absorbing the lust of the atmosphere and the amazing scenery at the peak of Batur.

Once the sun has started to rise, a herd of monkeys comes to us. They apparently wanted to find food from supplies brought by a group of climbers. In this situation, Friend Traveler must remain vigilant. Don’t let your luggage disappear

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